Ballet Barres, Dance Floors and Glassless Dance Studio Mirrors

Ballet Barres

Alvas Barres are the most stable ballet barres, providing structural and functional stability. Our ballet barres help build physical strength, learn correct body placement, and will last for generations.

Our ballet barre brackets (nicknamed “The Original”) and frames have been carefully designed and manufactured to provide endless support while meeting and exceeding the demands of a dancer.

Alvas BFM’s priority has always been functionality first and throughout the years, our design has been imitated. As you know imitation is the best form of flattery.

Dance Floors

Alvas knows the floor you dance on is your world. We carefully and diligently manufacture our own floating subfoors and marley-type dance floor coverings to help give you the confidence you need to be fearless and love what you do.

Dancers depend on floating subfloors to help relieve pressure on their joints. While most floating subfloors can be costly, ours is both trusted and will help you “absorb the shock without shocking your bank account.”

Marley-type dance floor coverings are accepted worldwide as the best surface layer for dance. When you want the best, Alvas Matlay and Marlay dance floors are versatile, reversible and allow dancers to slide with a degree of “controlled slip” you want.

Glassless Mirrors

Alvas Glassless Mirrors are specially-developed to be lightweight, portable and will not bounce sound around like glass. They are manufactured with super reflective metalized plastic film, providing a higher grade reflection than standard plate glass mirrors, are 100% shatterproof, and UL Fire Retardant rated for safety.

Our glassless mirror panels can be wall mounted with ease or assembled onto secure, rolling frames. Alvas glassless mirror rolling frames are made of chrome coated steel and superior design allow them to interlock for compact storage.

Studio Accessories

Alvas continues to look for ways to help you turn your dream dance studio into a reality. When you need more than barres, floors or mirrors to complete your home, studio or theatre space, our studio accessories section is where to go. Here you’ll find rosin, turning boards, tap boards, mats, audio equipment and more!

Are you looking for something else? Our experience is extensive and our advice is free. If we don’t provide it, we’ll try to help you find it.

Alvas BFM Gift Cards

Helpful Libraries

Not sure what to give the dancer in your life? Alvas BFM Gift Cards are here to help! With no expiration date or fees, our gift card  is a great way to give the gift of Alvas all year long.

Alvas BFM Gift Cards

Alvas BFM provides a large library of helpful Specifications and Instructions for our products. We have also included PDF versions available for download and print.

Alvas BFM digital library

Alvas BFM News

Check out our Alvas BFM News for all the latest info on new products, current products, upcoming events, sales, helpful tips and more.

Dance Flooring Sale

By |April 15th, 2021|

Premium Dance Flooring On Sale for a Limited Time Only

Matlay Flooring 1/2 Price Sale

Alvas Matlay Dance Flooring (PVC Vinyl dance floor) is a multi-discipline dance floor.
We all know after the first few classes, marley-type flooring gets scuffed, so […]

Glassless Mirrors | Perfect for Dance, Fitness Studios and Gyms

By |September 23rd, 2020|

Glassless Mirrors

Heavy glass on wheels has always been a dangerous thing. If struck they can shatter, producing cutting shards. They can also be pushed or knocked over, possibly pinning a small person under a hundred or more pounds.

Glass is still a respectable […]

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“As a professional Classical Ballet Dancer, our shoes are everything! Beyond that, no matter how incredible the fit and comfort of the shoe, the floor we dance on is our world! Having grown up in San Pedro, California, and relying on Alvas for all of my dance gear, it couldn’t be more fitting that as a soloist with a world renowned ballet company, I would end up falling in love with their Floating Subfloors. A floor that has give when I land from jumps, and a surface that allows you to be daring, is a necessity. Alvas flooring provides both. Alvas has reliable products that I have always been able to count on.”

Misty Copeland, Classical Ballet Dancer
Cardio Barre logo

“As the creator of ‘Cardio Barre’, I only want the best for my clients. When you want the best, you go to Alvas.”

“We can’t say enough great things about Alvas and their customer service! Not only is the quality of their Ballet Barres exceptional, but their customer service is top-notch. They respond quickly and are very organized. Alvas is the recommended Ballet Barre supplier to our instructors around the world. Thanks Alvas!”

Piloxing Barre, Piloxing Academy LLC

“We’ve used Alvas products since we started. The flexibility of studio configurations that the mirrors allow has been essential for us, and Matlay has served us well through many, many hours of rehearsals and performances. The barres are light, and can be conveniently broken down for transport, and the subfloor is beautifully balanced for shock absorption. Alvas is also a great supporter of dance in Southern California, and has excellent customer service. More than once I’ve been choreographing a commercial, and the production team has discovered they need a better floor. I’ve been amazed at how their guys get to the set and lay a floor.”

“At Master Ballet Academy, we are pleased to use Alvas Marlay dance flooring and their durable and adjustable ballet barres. At our world-recognized studio, Alvas’ products are a perfect and safe fit for our elite training. The Alvas products we have used have helped us effectively train and advance our students and we are grateful for their reliable service.”

Slawomir and Irena Wozniak, Master Ballet Academy

“As a Founder of Barre Belle and creator of my own Barre technique, the barre is everything. We’ve had an incredible experience working with Alvas and will continue to use their barres in future endeavors.”

Marnie Alton, Barre Belle

“Alvas has made a huge contribution with their state-of-the-art floors to studios and professional stages around the world. They graciously laid the floors for some of our most significant events. We have been loyal customers for over 25 years, and we highly recommend their products and services.”

Cindy Bradley, San Pedro City Ballet
All Alvas branded products are proudly made in the USA!

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