The Alvas Story

Alvas Barres Floors Mirrors is an American manufacturer, dedicated to providing the dance world with the highest quality equipment and supplies they need to create their own professional or home performance studio.

Our Story Begins

Our history started in 1952 with a love story between Rosalie and Alva. They met in 1940 while dancing at the Miramar Hotel and started their career as a dance team in 1941, the year they were married. They pioneered in television, theatre and several motion pictures together. They worked as a team from 1941 to 1956, traveling in the United States and abroad.

Rosalie & Alva: The Early Years
Rosalie & Alva: The Early Years
Rosalie & Alva: The Early Years
Rosalie & Alva: The Early Years

In 1952, Alva built Rosalie her own beautiful dance studio and theatre in San Pedro, California. Here, they settled down to a teaching career performing in their own productions. Over 30 years ago, Alva retired and passed the company to his son, Matt.

Rosalie, Matt & Alva

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Matt has expanded the original studio into multiple studios and Alvas Barres Floors Mirrors was born.

By combining the tradition started by Rosalie and Alva with Matt’s inventive, economical and enthusiastic spirit, Alvas Barres Floors Mirrors is now the largest manufacturer of ballet barres in the dance industry, as well as one of the top three manufacturers of marley-type flooring in the United States.

Alvas is committed to providing superior customer service. We take great pleasure in ensuring that our customers get exactly what they need. Our employees are trained to do everything possible to assist our customers. We provide recommendations and technical support to Schools, Gyms, Fitness Clubs, Dance Studios, Theatres, Government Bases, Community Centers, Youth Centers, Parks and Recreation Departments, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, Churches and Personal Residences, both nationally and internationally.

Today, our team continues to look for ways to share and inspire others with the same love and passion for dance that our founders began the company with. We hope to pass this tradition down to future generations.

DANCING HEARTS: The Rosalie & Alva Story