Freestanding ballet barre Frame diagram


  • 9/16” Wrench


  • Folding X-Brace
  • Uprights
  • FS Legs with Non-Marring Feet
  • Extension Studs
  • Hex Head Bolts
  • White Caps
  • Square Nuts
  • Large Wing Nuts
  • Large Washers
  • Medium Washers
  • Small Wing Nuts
  • Wood Barre(s), in the same length(s) as the Freestanding Frame (Sold separately)

Setting Up the Base

  1. Attach each FS Leg to each Upright with the Hex Head Bolts. (See Diagram)
  2. Unfold the X-Brace.
  3. Connect both Uprights together with the X-Brace using the Small Wings Nuts.

Attaching Extension Studs to the Barre

  1. Hand-screw all Extension Studs into the Wood Barre clockwise until the shoulders of the extension touch the wood. An additional 1/2 turn (NO MORE) may be necessary to straighten out the Extensions and make them perpendicular to the Wood Barre, and parallel to each other.
  2. Screw on the Large Wing Nuts, Large Washers and Square Nuts exactly as show in the illustration.barre-diameter-diagram


Mounting Barre to the Base

  1. On the Barre assembly, twist the Square Nuts so that the ends of the Extensions are flush with the Square Nuts.
  2. Then holding the Barre with the Extension Units attached, slide the Square Nuts down inside the Channels.
  3. Lower the Barre assembly to the location desired, hold the Barre level and tighten the Wingnuts.
  4. Grab the Wood Barre at the point where the Extension shoulders touch the wood and wiggle the Barre up and down while tightening or loosening the Wingnut.

Adjusting Barre Height on Bracket

  1. Grab the Barre next to where the Extension shoulders touch the wood.
  2. Give the Barre an up and down wiggle, as needed, while loosening or tightening the Wingnut.
  3. Then slide it up or down the Channel and wiggle to re-tighten the Wingnut.


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