Alvas Freestanding Ballet Barre Frame Specs Diagram

Alvas Free Standing Frames are strong, sturdy, durable, easily adjustable, and portable. They have cross stabilizers to reduce wobbling and allow the barre approximately 31” – 45” of height adjustment. Each barre can be on opposite sides of the frame, or on the same side.The FS Legs and Uprights are made of steel with a bright chrome finish and the X and Y-Braces are made of steel with a high gloss white finish. The caps on the top of the Uprights are white. The bottom of the FS Frame has plastic non-marring feet to give added protection against scratching the floor.They assemble and disassemble quickly and without tools for easy transport and storage. It can convert into a Free Standing Frame For Two Barres by adding a purchased Extension Units and an additional barre (Ballet Barre not included).They include bolts, square nuts, wing nuts and washers.

Standard Bracket Spacing

The standard spacing for brackets are designed for Traditional Ballet use. Barres used for ballet are generally used for balance only.

Barre LengthBracket Number & Spacing
4’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 32” apart (8” overhang)
6’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 48” apart (12” overhang)
7’ 10'' Barre: 2 brackets spaced 64” apart (15” overhang)
10’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 80” apart (20” overhang)
14’ Barre: 3 brackets spaced 64” apart (20” overhang)
16’ Barre: 3 brackets spaced 80” apart (16” overhang)


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