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Alvas Marlay is a versatile, double-sided dance floor covering, utilized for permanent or semi-permanent installation. Both sides of this marley-type PVC vinyl flooring have a matte finish and a surface texture that is not too fast and not too slow.

Marlay is ideal for ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop and many other forms of dance. It is also ideal for multi-purpose use such as competitions, gigs, performances and displays.


Weight: Approx 3.74 lbs per linear foot
Thickness: 0.080” (2.032 mm)
Full Roll Dimensions: 5’ x 60’ (Lengths will be longer than stated)
Color: Reversible Light Gray/Dark Gray


When Marlay is used for dance, it is suitable for laying on a hard, smooth floor, but it is ideally paired (and recommended) with a sprung for floating subfloor. (Refer to Alvas Floating Subfloor on


Marlay has two installation options: Permanent or semi-permanent. Permanent installation is done by hot-welding welding rods on the inner seams. Gaffers tape may also be applied to the perimeter. Alvas recommends hot-welding be done by a professional to avoid permanent damage to the floor. Semi-permanent installation is done by applying tape down on the seams and perimeter. Alvas recommends using vinyl tape on the inner seams so the tape expands and contracts with the floor, while using gaffers cloth tape on the perimeter. Nothing other than Alvas’ flooring tape is acceptable for securing the Matlay to the surface without prior clearance from Alvas’ personnel. See Matlay Stretching & Tape-Down Instructions.


Cleaning and maintenance is simple. Refer to for Matlay/Marlay Cleaning Instructions.


Ensure Marlay is dry, clean of any foreign substances (such as grease, oil, dirt, etc) and all tape is removed before rolling it up for storage. Marlay should be rolled evenly and tightly, and then stored horizontally on an even, flat and smooth surface with no heavy objects on top of it. Alvas Matlay Core (or equivalent) must be used.


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