Enter floor length and width (amounts will populate automatically).  Note: If you require wall to wall coverage or have a space longer than 60’ call for assistance with finding the most economical way to cover your space.

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Alvas Matlay Floor

$27 per Sq Yd
Full Roll Size: 6′ x 60′
Lengths may be longer than stated
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Custom Cut Charges

$60 Custom Length Cut – Across short side
$90 Custom Width Cut – Across long side
$150 Custom Special Cut – Across both short and long side

Alvas Gaffers Tape
(Perimeter Tape)
1.88″ x 164.04′
$33 per Roll

Alvas Vinyl Tape
(Seaming Tape)
2″ x 108′
$23 per Roll

Alvas Matlay Documentation:

Alvas Matlay Specifications

Alvas Matlay Stretching & Tape Down Instructions

Alvas Matlay Cleaning Instructions