Alvas Matlay (like all “Marley” or PVC vinyl sheeting) can be affected by temperature, humidity, applied pressure, etc. It will expand and contract to some degree. We recommend the following instructions.


Sweep and prep the floor you will be laying the Matlay on top of. It must be free of sharp objects (no screws, nails, staples, etc). Big holes, cracks or seams must be filled and leveled (any imperfections such as “peeks” or “valleys” in the floor can show through the vinyl).


Unroll the floor and place it where it will go. Lay it flat. Ensure all of the edges are not touching adjacent rolls or anything else. Room temperature should be maintained (preferably between 60ºF and 80ºF) since temperature changes affect all dance vinyl flooring. Vinyl dance floor needs to be given time to relax and get used to the climate in the room. During this time, it may expand, contract, or anything else it wants to do before it is secured by the tape. 10 to 20 minutes is usually plenty of time.


After the floor has settled, line up the seams between the lengths so that the seams almost touch, but don’t quite touch. When rippling or bubbles occur, Matlay can be stretched about 1” for every 10’. Direct sunlight may cause vinyl to expand and ripple so be aware of this near windows.

  1. Tape or staple down one end of the floor securely.
  2. Go to the other end of the floor, and at the same time, have two people take a hop, skip or jump in the air, simultaneously landing on opposite edges with forward momentum, about 1’ from the unsecured end.
  3. Repeat the previous step until most of the rippling is removed. (Matlay will stretch 1” for every 10’)
  4. Tape or staple down the stretched edge.
  5. After stretching, you should see the ripples subside. They may not go away immediately, but they will within an hour. If not, a second treatment may be necessary- but do not overstretch.



Be sure Alvas Vinyl (Seaming) Tape has been stored at a temperature above 50ºF. Use two people; Have one person hold the end down at the start of the seam and the other person unroll the tape. Unroll the tape to about 10’ and let is relax for 10 seconds. Lower the tape close to the seam. Now the person that was holding the end of the tape can center and stick the tape down over the seam. Unroll more tape and repeat. The perimeter should be secured with Alvas Gaffers (Perimeter) Tape. In some cases, the outside edge of the Matlay need not be taped down if it is next to a wall, since it will expand or contract according to the room temperature.


Alvas Barres Floors Mirrors (“Alvas”) encourages customers to have all Alvas products professionally installed and maintained by an experienced and licensed contractor. Alvas provides installation and care/maintenance instructions for clients’ information and convenience only. Alvas cannot and does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees with respect to the installation, care or maintenance of Alvas products or any damage or defects resulting from the same. Improper installation, care or maintenance of any barre, floor, mirror, or other Alvas product may invalidate the product’s warranty or guarantee, if any. Alvas reserves the right to deny customer claims made pursuant to any such warranty or guarantee if Alvas determines the damage or defect to the product is the result of improper installation, care, maintenance or use of the product.