Maintenance is a daily procedure. Daily Maintenance will extend the life of the flooring.


  • Clean Dust Mop
  • Clean Mop
  • Clean Mop Bucket
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Hot Water (As hot as you can get it)


  1. Thoroughly sweep the Matlay with a clean dust mop prior to mopping the floor.
  2. Fill the mop bucket with three parts hot water and one part distilled white vinegar. You do not need to fill the bucket up all the way, however the ratio of 75% hot water and 25% distilled white vinegar should remain the same.
  3. Apply intense force while mopping to remove the body oils and dirt. (Remember that body oils and dirt have been ground into the Matlay with countless hours of dancing. Barefoot dancing compounds this situation)
  4. Ensure the mixture you are using is hot and clean, which means you may need to change out the bucket multiple times while cleaning the Matlay. If you mop with dirty and/or cool water, you will just be spreading the dirt and oils around the floor. You will need to cut the oil with the hot water and vinegar to get it up and off the floor. When the bucket water stays clear then all the oil is off the floor.


Alvas Barres Floors Mirrors (“Alvas”) encourages customers to have all Alvas products professionally installed and maintained by an experienced and licensed contractor. Alvas provides installation and care/maintenance instructions for clients’ information and convenience only. Alvas cannot and does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees with respect to the installation, care or maintenance of Alvas products or any damage or defects resulting from the same. Improper installation, care or maintenance of any barre, floor, mirror, or other Alvas product may invalidate the product’s warranty or guarantee, if any. Alvas reserves the right to deny customer claims made pursuant to any such warranty or guarantee if Alvas determines the damage or defect to the product is the result of improper installation, care, maintenance or use of the product.