wall mount fixed barre bracket specifications

The top of the barre is approximately the same height as the top hole in the mounting bracket.

Alvas Fixed Ballet Barre Brackets have a bright chrome finish, are made of steel and weigh approximately 1lb each. They include flat head screws, used for most drywall and wood stud applications.

Spans, Max & Overhang

Max Span: 80”

Max Overhang: 20”

Min Overhang: 2”

Standard Spacing for Brackets

The standard spacing for brackets are designed for Traditional Ballet use.
Barres used for ballet are generally used for balance only.

Barre LengthBracket Number & Spacing
4’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 32” apart (8” overhang)
6’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 48” apart (12” overhang)
7’ 10'' Barre: 2 brackets spaced 64” apart (15” overhang)
10’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 80” apart (20” overhang)
14’ Barre: 3 brackets spaced 64” apart (20” overhang)
16’ Barre: 3 brackets spaced 80” apart (16” overhang)

The spacing accuracy for Alvas drilled wood barres is + or – 1/8″.

Suggested Barre Heights for Brackets

Single Barre: 32” – 46” from floor (waist level)

Double Barre: 32” – 34” lower barre; 44” – 46” from the floor for upper barre

Distance from wall to barre: Inside = 7-1/4” (approx)  Outside = 9” (approx)


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