The COVID-19 crisis has caused many people to make long-term changes to their lifestyle. With gyms and dance studios closing their doors, it made keeping up with routines and dance workouts almost impossible. Many dancers and athletes who use ballet and other forms of dance as conditioning exercises have been forced to work out at home just to maintain their level of fitness and agility. 

how to choose the perfect ballet barres

Designing Your Home Dance Studio

The design of your home dance studio will be determined in part by the area you have to work with. Many pieces of dance equipment, like freestanding barres, can be rolled out of the way or to another room when you need more open space. Even small spaces can be turned into dance studios. You can maximize the potential of your space by creating an efficient design that allows you to use every square foot to its advantage. Many people put their workout areas in their basements or garages. In most cases, these are ideal areas because they are large and provide ample room for you to exercise without dealing with any restrictions. 

Choosing the Right Ballet Barre and Other Equipment

It’s important that you choose the right type of equipment for your dance/barre studio. Things like glassless mirrors, dance flooring, and quality barres are a must and will allow you to perform dance routines and barre workouts with confidence. For dancers and athletes who want to include strength training exercises but aren’t interested in using traditional weights, a freestanding barre is an excellent option. Wall mounted barres are stationary but free up floor space for dancing and allow clutter free cleanup. Stretch bands and exercise balls are also excellent choices to include if you want to expand on your traditional barre workout routine. Glassless mirrors can be purchased as panels or roll-away mirrors and are shatterproof. They are lightweight, professional quality and can be used almost anywhere. They are used almost exclusively throughout the industry because they have a better image than glass mirrors.

Professional Quality for At-Home Barre Fitness Programs

You can choose from several professional quality barres for your home studio. Freestanding barres that are used for strength training and more strenuous workouts can be rolled to the side to open up your space for other types of dance. Traditional wall-mounted barres that are used for ballet and other types of dance are primarily used for balance and must be stationary. To have an effective barre workout, you need to have the highest quality equipment possible. This ensures that you are capable of putting 100% into your workout without fear of being injured or losing your balance.

Glassless mirrors, (both traditional panels and roll-away types) are essential, especially for individuals who dance professionally. The use of mirrors allows you to see your form and make adjustments to ensure you are performing at your peak. Glassless mirrors are a popular choice because they are affordable and provide all of the advantages of traditional glass mirrors without the risk of breakage. They are lightweight and easy to handle. They can be placed anywhere and are a great way to add a touch of authenticity to your at-home dance studio.


Use Your Studio Anytime 

One of the biggest advantages of having your own home dance studio is that you can use it anytime! You don’t have to leave your home and there is less risk of having to come in contact with others who may not be healthy. Having a dance studio in your home offers you a level of convenience that is unrivaled. You don’t have to waste time driving to the studio or the gym. You can choose to dance or exercise for ten minutes or several hours at your discretion. When you design your own home dance or barre studio, you have everything at your disposal and can tailor each and every workout to your individual needs.

We’re Here For You! 

Deciding to create your own home dance studio is a big first step. You can accomplish your goals and create a long-term solution to all of your exercise and dance workout needs simply by designing your very own home studio. Our founder, Matt (who was born in a professional dance studio and has spent a lifetime building them), is available to mentor your journey. Consultations are free! Contact us at 310 519-1314 or [email protected] to arrange one.

Even when the dance studios and gyms re-open, you will still have the option of performing your dance workouts in the comfort of your very own home studio. Be creative! Design the studio of your dreams with Alvas Barres Floors & Mirrors! Call or email us to find out how you can start dancing in your home studio today!