Alvas ballet barres are hand-sanded smooth and ready to use.

Every square inch of our wood barres is inspected by hand. Splits, cracks and checks are cut out leaving beautiful straight grain lumber of the highest quality. Our barres are then sanded smooth and ready to use if the paint coating is not desired.

Adding a clear coat finish may be done, but is unnecessary. As the wood barre is used, the natural oils from hands cures the barre and give the barres a hand-rubbed look that is traditional and often preferred.

Our wood barres arrive ready to be stained, lacquered or painted, if desired. Some people paint a clear coat (or stain and then add a clear coat) on wood barres to achieve and maintain a look. If you choose to paint them, it should be done immediately after taking the barre out of the cardboard tube since the wood will be sanded and clean.