“Barre height” is the distance (height) between the floor and the barre, or  more simply, how high your barre is off of the ground.

With any of Alvas Wall Mount Ballet Barre Adjustable Brackets, Alvas Freestanding Ballet Barre Frames or Alvas Floor Mount Ballet Barre Frames, the height of your barre(s) can be adjusted – without uninstalling the Extension Units.

How to adjust the height of your ballet barre:

  1. Grab the Barre next to where the Extension shoulders touch the wood.
  2. Give the Barre an up and down wiggle, as needed, while loosening or tightening the Wingnut.
  3. Then slide the Extension up or down the Channel to your desired height, and re-tighten the Wingnut.

Pro Tip:

The Extension Units can also be made so they do not adjust by hand by replacing the Large Wingnut with a Hex Nut on the Extension. Alvas Hex Nuts are perfect if you prefer to not have barre heights adjustable since the barres can be made “fixed” with this simple hex nut. The barre height can still be adjustable at a later time of your preference, but will prevent the public (or children) from adjusting the barre height indiscriminately.