Alvas guarantees against defects in construction for a period of ten (10) years from the product’s date of sale (as set forth in the applicable invoice). Construction defects will be corrected to industry standard without charge if Alvas is notified of such defect prior to the period of time set forth above. This guarantee does not extend to scratching, marring, ripping, staining or ordinary wear and tear.

This guarantee shall not include replacement or repair necessitated by (i) natural disasters, (ii) war, (iii) vandalism, (iv) theft or attempted theft, (v) flood, (vii) fire, (viii) calamity or (ix) deliberate misuse or abuse. This guarantee shall not include replacement or repair resulting from improper installation or use of Alvas products. Alvas encourages customers to have all Alvas products professionally installed by an experienced and licensed contractor. Alvas provides installation and care/maintenance instructions for clients’ information and convenience only. Alvas cannot and does not make any representation, warranties or guarantees with the respect to the installation, care or maintenance of Alvas products or any damage or defects resulting from the same.

In the event construction defects are found on products not manufactured by Alvas (such as Rosco) please contact us immediately. Alvas will act as the liaison between our customers and said company.