Alvas rents Barres, Floors, Glassless Mirrors and Dance Studio Sound Systems (audio equipment) for backline/stage, productions, recitals and more. Rentals for backline events can be discounted 50% off of the rental cost, with a pre-approved promotional agreement. Contact us for more information.

Rentals are charged on a weekly basis.
Additional charges apply for Alvas Delivery, Alvas Pickup and Assembly/Installation.

Rental Quotes

To assist with quoting your rental, please have ready:

  • The address of the rental location
  • Which products you are interested in renting
  • How long you would like to rent the product(s)
  • Your preference to Will Call or have Alvas Deliver
  • Your preference to Drop Off (return) or have Alvas pickup
  • If you would like Alvas to assembly/install

Rental Agreement

All rentals are rented PER WEEK and require a security deposit. Customers agree to pay 100% of rental fee per week, per item, for each week of retention.

Customers are responsible for inspecting rental items prior to taking possession of such items and upon taking possession, customers agree that all items rented are in good condition and they are responsible for these items until said items are returned.

Rented merchandise can be delivered and/or returned by Alvas. With prior approval, the customer can make an appointment to Will Call or return the merchandise themselves. Additional charges will apply if delivery and/or pickup is done by Alvas.

Alvas offers assembly and/or installation for some products.

Customers agree to return all items to Alvas on or before the agreed return date and time.

If a subsequent rental is missed due to late return of items, customers are liable for money lost from the missed subsequent rental as well.

Alvas reserves the right to assess the value of any damaged or non-returned items. In the event of loss of or damage to any rented item, the customers agree to pay Alvas the assessed value for replacement or repair; provided that such damage is discovered within 72 hours of return and is beyond ordinary wear.

Customers agree to release Alvas from any and all claims for damages by reason of the rental of these items.

Customers agree to indemnify Alvas for any loss resulting from any claim to damage to any person or property by reason of the use of rented items, which damage occurs during the time in which customers are responsible for the items.

In the event litigation is required to enforce this Agreement, Alvas is entitled to recover court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Rental Deposits, Refunds & Restocking Fees

The security deposit amount is the cost to purchase the merchandise, plus tax.

The check or credit card used for the security deposit will be held on file until all rented items are returned and the condition of said items have been reviewed. Upon return of rented items, if damage is found, the entire security deposit is retained for a maximum of 72 hours, in which time the cost of repair or replacement will be assessed by Alvas and deducted from the security deposit.

Customers will be informed as to the charges (if any) that will be taken from the security deposit.

Due to security constraints, cash deposits will be refunded by an Alvas’ company check. However, if a cash refund is required, it will be done at Alvas, by appointment only.

There will be NO REFUND OF RENTAL FEES if cancellation is made less than 4 days prior to pick-up/delivery date.

A RESTOCKING CHARGE OF $10.00 PER ITEM will be made for other cancellations or change of reserved items. If paid by check, no refund will be made until the check clears the bank.

Long Distance Customers Inquiring About Rentals

Customers who are located more than fifty (50) miles from Alvas’ San Pedro location should contact us before signing a rental agreement in order to determine delivery and pickup options and costs.