Rosin has worked well for many years for dancing on hardwood floors. In the past, people even sprayed Coca-Cola, or anything sticky, if the dance floor was too slippery. Today, most dancers are choosing vinyl because it’s easier to maintain that moderate surface texture (not too slippery and not too sticky).

Some people are unaware that when dancing on hardwood floors, they’re not really dancing on hardwood. They’re dancing on paint that has been put on the wood to protect and preserve it. The old oil-based varnish inherently had a bit of sticky surface itself and when rosin gets together with that it can form spots that are too sticky at times- and then add sweat or body oils to it and it can easily become slippery as well. Vinyl has moderated this issue and that’s one of the reasons it has become so prevalent and popular.

Using rosin on vinyl will work temporarily to give a stickier surface, however it may ruin the dance floor surface for future. It’s very hard to get the rosin residue off the vinyl, but it can be done if the vinyl is cleaned and maintained properly. See also Alvas Matlay/Marlay Cleaning Instructions.