The holes in Alvas Standard Barres are always separated by multiples of 16” to allow the mounting of every bracket directly into a wall stud- most wood wall studs are 16” apart. (If you are unsure of your stud spacing, we recommend using an electronic wood wall stud finder or consulting a contractor).

Holes are pre-drilled into the barres so that Alvas Fixed Brackets and Extensions* are ready for installation and actually screw into the rear side of the barre. This allows your hand or foot to slide across the barre without hitting the brackets.

* Extensions are used on Wall Mount Adjustable Brackets, Free Standing Frames and Floor Mount Stanchions.

Spacing Accuracy Tolerance
All Alvas wood barres: +/- 1/8″

Barre Length Tolerance
All Alvas wood barres will maintain a tight length tolerance of: +/- 1/8″.

Barre LengthBracket Number & Spacing
4’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 32” apart (8” overhang)
6’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 48” apart (12” overhang)
7’ 10'' Barre: 2 brackets spaced 64” apart (15” overhang)
10’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 80” apart (20” overhang)
14’ Barre: 3 brackets spaced 64” apart (20” overhang)
16’ Barre: 3 brackets spaced 80” apart (16” overhang)