Glassless Mirrors

Heavy glass on wheels has always been a dangerous thing. If struck they can shatter, producing cutting shards. They can also be pushed or knocked over, possibly pinning a small person under a hundred or more pounds.

Glass is still a respectable option when mounted properly on a wall as it is slightly easier to clean than glassless mirrors. However, when you’re talking portable mirrors, glassless is the only way to go. They are lightweight, safe and stackable like folding chairs (if you have Alvas stackable rolling frames).

There is a reason why glassless mirrors have been used in telescopes, rear projection televisions and flight simulators. They are quite simply the best reflection that man can produce. Glass can bend and distort the image.

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The Image is Brighter and Clearer

While glass is transparent, it does transmit light differently than air, and so light is bent as it crosses the air/glass/air boundaries. At the microscopic scale glass is not flat and the uneven surface scatters the reflected light slightly, causing distortion.

Glassless mirrors are made of a very thin metalized plastic film typically stretched across a frame from edge to edge and the reflective surface does not touch anything else. Because it is stretched so tight it inherently gives a more perfect reflective image. The image is brighter and clearer because the light does not pass through 1/8”– ¼” of glass twice.

Glass mirrors also reflect sound making a dance studio sound like a marble hall. Glassless mirrors have a tympanic surface and a foam core that gently absorbs sound. Check out our blog, Dance Studio Sound Isolation Solutions for more information on sound in a dance studio.

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Glassless Mirror Maintenance

Cleaning the glassless mirror is very simple and similar to cleaning regular glass mirrors although a bit more care needs to be taken. Alvas that a 100% cotton, clean, T-shirt type cloth dampened with regular glass cleaner works just fine. Spray the cleaner on the cloth and go for it. Click here for more detailed information on cleaning glassless mirrors.

One should be a bit careful not to touch the reflective film with your finger nails or sharp objects as you can “dent“ or puncture the film. If it gets dented, sometimes a heat gun like a hairdryer (used carefully and according to our instructions) can take the dent out instantly like magic. The heat causes the material to expand and then when it cools it shrinks up further and eliminates the dent.

If a glassless mirror does get punctured or torn in any way, there is really no good way to fix it. Many people believe that a reflective tape can be used to cover the hole. All that will do is help prevent the blemish spot from getting bigger. The reflective tape will never have an image as clear as the original.

The frames that hold these Glassless mirror panels are not created equal. It is important that you make sure your rolling mirror frame has a bumper guard at the bottom. This helps to protect the mirror surface when navigating around objects.

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Glassless Mirror Frames

When planning to manage two or more wheeled mirrors make sure that the mirror frames are stackable. In other words, one mirror can nest inside the other taking up very little space. 40 feet of mirrors can be stacked up in a 2’ x 4‘ space on the floor when not in use if the Alvas stackable mirror frames are utilized.

Glassless mirrors are also great for use on the wall. A 4’ x 8’ glassless mirror panel weighs about 10 pounds and is easy to mount without a professional. They can be mounted, dismounted and transported by one or two handy people. This makes it easy to change locations and take the mirrors with you without hiring a professional. If one gets damaged, they can also be safely replaced by an untrained person.

Another good reason to mount glassless mirrors on a wall instead of glass is that glassless mirrors will not shatter. If a person or heavy object collides with the mirror at high speed a glassless mirror provides an inch of foam padding, not a web of sharp edges.

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