I was driving home (17 years ago) and spotted a large rear projection television left at the curb as trash. My natural curiosity about mechanical and electrical things would not let me pass it by. Soon it was giving up its secrets in bits and pieces.

While the lenses and circuit boards were fascinating, the most intriguing component was the mirror. I could see it was used to fold the path of the beam from vertical to horizontal. It was not glass! It was silver plastic stretched over an aluminum frame.

My reflected face was somehow different from what I saw in the bathroom or any other mirror. It was brighter and crisper. As I stared at it, it dawned on me that it was like looking out of a window and then opening that window. The glass was gone. All that remained was the image, clean and true.

Our Glassless Mirrors are Used Everyday

It’s been a wonderful journey from that revelation so long ago to the point where now I see Alvas Glassless Mirrors on the Michael Jackson “This Is It” rehearsal video. In fact, scores of great artists, teachers, producers, and directors use our mirrors every day.

micheal jackson with a glassless mirror

Most professional rehearsal studios around the world have Alvas Glassless Mirrors in their rehearsal rooms. It truly is the best way to go for a portable mirror.

Glassless Mirror Technology

Before I brought this technology to the Dance and Fitness worlds, movable mirrors required heavy wood frames with large glass panels secured to them. Glass mirrors on wheels can weigh hundreds of pounds and are dangerous. They were difficult to move around, took up considerable floor space, and were easily tipped over and occasionally cracked.

Glass mirrors still have a good place on the wall if you want them to stay there and don’t mind an old-school standard level of image quality.

Alvas metalized polyester Glassless Mirrors are the only way to go for modern portable mirrors. Many dance teachers have purchased our 4’ x 6’ vertical on low rolling frames. They fit into the back of most minivans/SUVs etc. They allow the teacher to take the class to the students.

Just throw a couple of Alvas portable Ballet Barres in along with the Glassless Mirror and you got yourself a traveling dance studio.

Larger dance studios with multiple Glassless Mirrors are where our Rolling Mirror Bases shine out. Our competition pales when the support systems are compared.

Important Features of Glassless Mirrors

Only Alvas Rolling Mirror Bases are:

  • Stackable
    You can have 40 feet of mirrors and stack them into 2‘x 4‘ space when not in use. If the mirrors didn’t stack, they would take up a substantial amount of floor space when not in use. Being stackable is essential. Stack-ability makes them fit easily into a vehicle.
  • Bumper Plates
    Another superior feature of the Alvas Rolling Mirror Base is the Bumper Plate. When something vertical (like another mirror or a piece of furniture) runs into the mirror the bumper plate stops it from hitting the mirror face.
  • Frame Protection
    Another incidental feature of the bumper plate is that it holds the two T-bar wheel frames stiff. All other mirror base designs we’ve seen rely on the fragile aluminum mirror frame for rigidity. This is not good because invariably the legs of the mirror frame can be kicked or rolled into something solid which will transfer that hit to the mirror frame causing the mirror to flex and distort. The Bumper Plate on the Alvas Base takes care of that problem. When a leg is hit the force is transferred to the Bumper Plate and not the mirror frame.

Built with the Highest Quality and Assurance Standards

Alvas Portable Glassless Mirrors are built to the highest quality assurance standards in the world. Our impeccable design, build, inspection, and customer service processes guarantee an unmatched product.

Alvas was the first to take metalized polyester mirror technology and put it into the dance and theater world. We continue to lead the field in innovation and production.

Our original name used for years (since 1952) was Alvas Dance and Theatrical Supplies. That’s when the original Adjustable Ballet Barre was born.

I was born a few years later and am proud now to have carried on this legacy. I am happy that we are continuing to reinvent how Barres Floors and Mirrors are produced and delivered.

Always in the USA, always with family pride.

Matt Alvas, Managing Director

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