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Alvas Glassless Mirror Panel

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Alvas Glassless Mirror Panels are lightweight and can be mounted to the wall or made portable with rolling frames (not included). *IMPORTANT* – Please note that purchasing this product cannot be completed without checking the acceptance notice below.

Length Conversion Calculator

Glassless Mirror Panel Freight Receiving Instructions - Acceptance Required for Purchasing


Alvas Glassless Mirror Panels are shatterproof, lightweight and can be mounted to the wall or made portable with rolling frames (not included). They have a brighter, sharper reflection than plate glass, with no ghost images. It is made of the same super reflective, metalized plastic film material used in the Hubble Space Telescope. This same reflective material was later put into the dance world, providing an excellent image quality.

Ideal for:

  • Studios, Dance/Fitness
  • Theaters
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Bedrooms
  • Rehearsals, Dance/Touring
  • Trade Shows
  • Commercials
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • TV Shows
  • Music Videos
  • Movies
  • Photography
  • Architectural Design

Available for purchase or rental. Contact us for rental price.

Pro Tip:
Alvas recommends all new prospective glassless mirror customers obtain a Glassless Mirror Sample before purchasing to ensure the Glassless Mirror Panels are appropriate for your needs. Please call the office if you are interested in a Glassless Mirror sample.

Made in USA

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Glassless Mirror Panels are much safer than plate glass because they won’t shatter and are UL Fire Retardant rated for safety.

Since Glassless Mirror Panels are sensitive to the touch, adult supervision is advised when children are present.


Glassless Mirror PanelsWeight (lbs)
2' x 6' (Or rotates to 6' x 2')
2' x 8' (Or rotates to 8' x 2')7.5
3' x 6' (Or rotates to 6' x 3')7
3' x 8' (Or rotates to 8' x 3')8
4' x 6' (Or rotates to 6' x 4')9
4' x 8' (Or rotates to 8' x 4')10
5' x 6' (Or rotates to 6' x 5')13
5' x 8' (Or rotates to 8' x 5')14
6' x 6' (Square)14.4
6' x 8' (Or rotates to 8' x 6')17.5

Shipping Info

Lead Time

Production Time is usually 7 – 14 business days, plus transit time.
Transit time is determined by the shipping company, but may be affected by severe weather conditions.

Need it faster? Rush options

Need it faster? Call us and we’ll do our best to help! There is a chance we can rush your shipment and/or expedite the delivery service.
Expediting Options:
– Rush Production Time ($50 Rush charge may apply)
– Expedited Delivery Service
– Will Call (Customer Pick Up)

Shipping Cost

Shipping all Alvas manufactured products to anywhere in the contiguous USA is free! It’s just that simple.
Orders shipping outside the contiguous USA will have taxes and duties calculated at checkout.

Alvas also offers Will Call/Local Pickup options for the Southern California area.
Be sure to select “Will Call” as the shipping option when finalizing the order in the shopping cart.

Refer to our FAQ for more information on Shipping, Returns and Product Guarantees.


Glassless Mirror Panels should not be left in direct sunlight over an extended period of time.


Option #1: Mount to Portable, Rolling Frames
Low Rolling Frames or High Rolling Frames

Option #2: Mount to the Wall
Glassless Mirror Panels come with two brackets to mount them to the wall. The brackets are typically mounted on the top and bottom of the lightweight Panel, attaching it to the wall.

Pro Tip: Glassless Mirror Panels cannot be cut in to. If you prefer wall mount mirrors with brackets extending out of the mirrors, we recommend using plate glass mirrors instead, and contacting a contractor and plate glass vendor local to you.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Care for your glassless dance mirrors properly by following these simple cleaning instructions: Glassless Mirror Cleaning Instructions

Glassless Mirror Panel Freight Receiving Instructions Acceptance

It is your responsibility, as the customer, to read and understand the following mirror instructions before you take delivery of any Glassless Mirror. Please note that Alvas recommends that all prospective glassless mirror customers obtain a Mirror Sample before purchasing to ensure that the product is appropriate for their needs. Samples may be obtained by calling Alvas (1-800-403-3447).

Because of the unique nature of these mirrors, in order to support you in the event of a shipping damage-claim, it is vitally important that you, the customer, strictly adhere to the following receiving instructions.

  1. Your presence is required for the proper receiving of your mirror shipment. Please allow at least 20 minutes at the time of delivery to receive delivery of your order.
  2. First check the condition of the outside of the box and notate any damage you find on the “BILL OF LADING” (This is the paperwork that the driver presents you for your signature).
  3. If the box shows no visible signs of damage, you must write on the “BILL OF LADING”: “POSSIBLE HIDDEN DAMAGE”.
  4. If the box shows visible damage, DO NOT REFUSE DELIVERY of the package. You will need to take photos of the damage to help file a claim. You MUST WRITE on the “BILL OF LADING”: “DAMAGED”.
  5. If mirror damage is found, please write a detailed description of the damage and call Alvas immediately. Alvas Claims: 1-800-403-3447.

IMPORTANT- All shipments must be inspected within five (5) days of receipt. If you fail to inspect the contents of your shipment in the presence of the driver at the time of delivery and/or fail to make your note on the Bill of Lading, you severely limit and possibly exclude Alvas’ ability to file claims, collect damages and replace damaged mirrors.

If you wait longer than five (5) days to inspect the contents of your shipment and you fail to note “Possible Hidden Damage” and “Hidden Damage” is found, you will not be entitled to “full credit” nor “full replacement value” for your damaged order.

By checking the box above,  you agree that you have read, understand and will follow the above Alvas Glassless Mirror Freight Receiving Instructions and that you have either seen a Mirror Sample, or you agree that you already know about the product and do not need to see a Mirror Sample prior to placing this order.

If you’d like a printable version of this notice, please click/tap Alvas Glassless Mirror Freight Receiving Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before attempting to clean the glassless mirror, use compressed air (i.e. Dust Off®, which can be found in most photographic or office supply stores) to make sure all dust and debris are off the mirror.

Water Spots:
Use an optical grade 100% cotton cleaning cloth (no lint) and a window cleaner (i.e. Windex®). Apply Windex® to cloth until cloth is damp (saturated, but not dripping). Clean the mirror in one direction, then wipe using a fresh part of the cloth after each pass.

Handle by holding along edges only. (When holding the mirror along the edge, do not press down on the mirror surface with your finger nails.) Do not put any weight or object on the mirror surface in any position.

A heat gun can be used to remove wrinkles from the glassless mirror. Very carefully, hold heat gun at 4’’ or more away from the mirror. Move in a circular fashion, working towards outside edge. Always keep the heat gun moving in order to avoid burning the mirror film.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. One way we demonstrate this is by sending product samples to ones who are interested in seeing the product before purchasing it.

We also have a showroom in which our local customers may see our products in a larger scale. If you would like to visit our showroom, please contact us for an appointment.

Glassless Mirror Samples

If you are unfamiliar with Glassless Mirrors, we recommend receiving a Glassless Mirror sample before purchasing. 

Alvas Glassless Mirrors are UL (Fire Retardant) rated for safety:
R7754 Building Units
36 MO

Surface Burning Characteristics
Flame Spread:
Face 15
Back 40
Core 25

Smoke Developed:
Face 85
Back 100
Core 100-45

Other Glassless Mirrors that do not have such ratings should not be placed in public facilities, as they present a fire hazard.


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